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At Soundwall Construction we build customized recording studios and acoustical treatments for critical listening environments, live room acoustics, and any situation where sound control is needed. We work with acoustical designers and engineers to create solutions and room designs tailored to your specific needs. We provide construction and contracting for a ground-up solution, a simple room treatment, or anywhere in between, for both residential and commercial needs.

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About Soundwall Construction

What can we do for you?

Full design/build studio construction, including isolation and acoustical treatments. Custom built acoustical treatments and installation as well as off-the-shelf treatment installations.

Custom acoustically designed and built desks and equipment racks to fit your space and needs. Isolation solutions to control sound penetrating in and out of your space. Consulting.

Let us save you time, money and aggravation with a lifetime of construction knowledge and over 12 years of acoustic installations and studio builds.

Our projects have included:

  • Full Recording studios
  • Control Rooms
  • Live Rooms
  • Isolation Booths
  • Sound Locks
  • Practice Rooms
  • Video Rooms
  • Radio Station
  • Noise level control for problem rooms
  • Gobos and Desks
  • Home Studios

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